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SIGNI One Combo Lens Kits (25mm Macro + 60mm Telephoto)

Rs. 6,999.00

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Discover the excellence of SIGNI One Lenses – the finest lenses ever made for mobiles, unlocking the full potential of your mobile camera! 

  • 25mm Macro Lens – Uncover the Micro World:

    • Immerse yourself in the captivating world of macro photography! The Signi One 25mm Super Macro Lens lets you capture the tiniest of details, revealing what no other camera or lens can see. Unleash your creativity and explore a whole new dimension of photography.
  • 60mm Telephoto Lens – Zoom into the Distant and Capture Portraits:

    • Get closer to distant objects with ease! Our 60mm Telephoto Lens offers 2x optical zoom, allowing you to take stunning shots of faraway subjects with precision. Additionally, this telephoto lens excels in portrait photography, capturing portraits with crisp details that make your subjects shine.
  • Premium Build for Superior Performance:

    • Quality is our commitment! SIGNI One Lenses are expertly crafted from premium-grade Aluminium Alloy and multi-coated Aspherical glass, reducing reflections and light flares to deliver exceptional image quality. The universal detachable clip with soft rubber ensures your device remains scratch-free and well protected.
  • What You Get:

    • Elevate your mobile photography game with our kit, which includes the SKYVIK SIGNI One 25mm Macro Lens, the SIGNI 60mm Telephoto Lens, a premium carrying case, cleaning cloth, pouch, and universal clip. And that's not all – we offer a worry-free 12 months warranty and friendly customer support, so you can focus on capturing stunning moments.

Embrace the unparalleled capabilities of SIGNI One Lenses and take your mobile photography to new heights! Explore the micro world with the 25mm Macro Lens and capture distant objects and beautiful portraits with the 60mm Telephoto Lens.

Experience the joy of mobile photography and witness the magic of SIGNI One Lenses – where extraordinary meets excellence!