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SIGNI ONE Carrying Kit(Lens not included)

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SIGNI One Lens Carrying Case – your perfect companion to carry your SIGNI lens collection and other accessories in style and safety!

  • EVA Partition for Scratch-Free Storage:

    • Keep your lenses in pristine condition! The EVA foam partition inside the case allows you to place your lenses separately, preventing any unwanted scratches or damage.
  • Strap Lock for Secure Lens Clip and Lenses:

    • Say goodbye to misplaced items! The strap lock ensures your lens clip and lenses are securely held in place, providing peace of mind during transportation.
  • Mesh Pocket for Filters and Small Accessories:

    • Stay organized on the go! The case features a convenient mesh pocket at the top, allowing you to store filters and other small accessories with ease.

Embrace the convenience and protection offered by the SIGNI One Lens Carrying Case, making it the ideal choice for keeping your precious lenses and accessories safe and ready for action!