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SKYVIK Affiliate

Join Our Affiliate Program


The Brief: 

Create, Inspire, Share: Showcase How Skyvik Catalyses the Creator Within Us All

We extend a warm invitation to you for a collaboration intended to be creatively fulfilling and mutually beneficial for the community. Our shared aim is to engage and captivate photographers and all kind of creators and their discerning audiences while fostering curiosity and sparking meaningful interactions - in a fun, crisp and educative manner. 

We are looking forward to collaborating with the creators who share our passion for smart essentials and are thriving for weaving artistry into their creations. 

Brief for the reels In a line: 

It is to create reels that are not only informative, relatable and fun but also possess a "wow" factor, compelling viewers to share with their audiences.


  • Concise & Captivating: In order to maintain engagement, we recommend keeping the Reels within the range of 30 seconds.
  • Visual Finesse: Tailor the visuals, transitions, and colours to resonate with our mutual aesthetics and brand style.
  • Narrative Flourish: Utilize either engaging voiceovers or thoughtfully crafted captions to articulate the merits of our products succinctly.
  • Aural Ambiance: Elevate the experience by selecting background music that harmonizes with your brand and enhances the mood of the Reel.
  • Engagement Cues: Invite your audience to explore Skyvik website, follow social accounts, and uncover the unique possibilities with a special mention of your enticing affiliate program - to make it a win-win for all.

A win-win Opportunity

Unlock a new level of partnership through our lucrative affiliate program. By customizing your referral link with your Instagram handle, your followers will receive an enticing 11% discount on their purchases. What's more, you'll earn a substantial 12.5% commission for every successful referral that uses your link. It's a win-win that offers real benefits.


Let's endeavor to conclude this collaboration within 7 days, synchronizing it with imminent product launches and strategic promotional campaigns. By infusing a friendly tone that resonates with your Instagram presence, feel free to create Reels that not only spotlight Skyvik's products but also initiate dialogue, foster intrigue, and empower creator-driven discourse within your revered audience. 

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Content Approval:

All content created as part of this collaboration will require approval from Skyvik's marketing team before publication. This is to ensure alignment with brand values and messaging.

  1. Brand Representation:

The influencer will accurately represent Skyvik products in the reels, ensuring that any product features, benefits, or claims are truthful and authentic.

  1. Rights and Usage:

By participating in this collaboration, the creator grants Skyvik the right to use and share the content created for promotional purposes across various platforms, including social media, website, and marketing materials.

  1. Ethical Guidelines:

The creator will adhere to ethical guidelines and best practices while creating the Reels, including complying with applicable advertising regulations and disclosure requirements.

  1. Dispute Resolution:

In the event of any disputes or disagreements, both parties will engage in good-faith discussions to find a resolution that is fair and satisfactory.

  1. Termination Clause:

Either party reserves the right to terminate the collaboration if there is a breach of terms, unethical behavior, or any actions that could negatively impact the brand's reputation.

  1. Modifications and Updates:

These terms and conditions may be modified or updated by Skyvik. By entering into this collaboration, both parties acknowledge their commitment to creating high-quality, engaging, and authentic Reel content that showcases Skyvik products effectively. These terms and conditions serve as a foundation for a successful and mutually beneficial partnership.

Don’t know how to start with creating reels? Here are a few ideas to kickstart brainstorming for your ideas to create the reels. Click Here