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SKYVIK SIGNI One Plastic & Walnut Wood Mobile Lens case Black and Brown (Samsung S21 )

Rs. 599.00

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Dual Protection for Your Device:

The SIGNI Lens Mount Mobile Case offers the perfect blend of photography and protection. With its sturdy build, it provides reliable protection against drops and impacts, ensuring your device stays safe in every situation. The raised upper and bottom edge design adds an extra layer of protection for your screen, guarding it from direct impact during falls.

Versatile Lens Mount for Seamless Photography:

Unlock your mobile photography potential with the SIGNI Lens Mount Mobile Case! It boasts compatibility with all SIGNI One Lenses, SIGNI 3 in 1, and SIGNI X, ensuring perfect alignment, stability, and easy usability. Seamlessly switch between lenses and capture stunning shots effortlessly.

Wireless Charging Made Effortless:

Convenience at its finest! The SIGNI Lens Mount Mobile Case is designed to be wireless charging-friendly. Charge your wireless charging compatible device with ease using SKYVIK BEAM Wireless chargers – no more tangled wires or hassle!


Please be aware that the SIGNI Lens Mount Mobile Case is not compatible with the SIGNI Pro 2 in 1 Lens Kit.

Photography and Protection – United as One:

Embrace the perfect fusion of photography and protection with the SIGNI Lens Mount Mobile Case. Whether you're capturing precious moments or safeguarding your device, this case has got you covered.