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Replacement Clip for SIGNI 20x & 3 in 1 Lens

Rs. 200.00

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  • Product Compatibility:

    • This clip is a perfect match ONLY for SIGNI 20x lenses and 3 in 1 lenses. So make sure, you buy it accordingly.
  • Return Policy:

    • Just a little heads-up – this product is non-returnable. 
    • It is essential to ensure compatibility with your specific lenses before making the purchase.
  • Usage Instructions:

    • Ready to snap some fantastic shots? Great! Before diving in, make sure you've got the correct SIGNI 20x or 3 in 1 lens handy.
    • Keep that lens squeaky clean for the best images – no smudges please! 
    • Now, open up the clip and gently attach it to your device's camera lens. It's super easy and quick!
    • Once it's in place, adjust the clip until it fits snugly and lines up perfectly with your phone.
    • Now you're all set! Capture those stunning, high-quality images like a pro!
  • Additional Notes:

    • We want to clarify that this clip doesn't come with the SIGNI 20x or 3 in 1 lenses; it's an accessory meant to work wonders with them. So, double-check you have those awesome lenses ready to roll.
    • If you ever need a helping hand or have any questions, remember, we're just a message or call away. We're here to make your photography experience a fantastic one! Reach us at