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EMBLO Dual Port Car Charger

SKYVIK launched on Cred Store

Cred is a platform where you can pay all your credit card bills at one click and you get rewards for paying those credit card bills. Those rewards can be redeemed for discounts on various products and services eg-travel packages

SKYVIK is an Indian premium mobile accessories brand which has exceptionally high ratings from customers across the world.

SKYVIK has now launched it's flagship products on Cred, Here's some of the Best selling products to check out

  1. SIGNI X Mobile lens
  2. SIGNI Pro 2 in 1 Mobile Lens Kit
  3. TRUHOLD Dashboard Magnetic Mobile Holder
  4. TRUHOLD Multiway Magnetic Mobile Holder
  5. Bēam 2 Wireless Charging Stand
  6. Bēam Tap Magsafe Compatible Wireless Charger
  7. EMBLO Dual Type A & Type C Port Car Charger with Quick Charge
Click here to Download the cred app and get Rs-250 towards your bill payment this month


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